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Thank you for your interest in the Trade Manage Capital, Inc. Direct Trading platforms. The Trade Manage Capital, Inc. Direct systems give our clients front-end technologies, order-entry forms and blotters, Level 1 and Level 2 quotations, and other unique order routing and management systems for sending us electronic orders.   

The Trade Manage Capital, Inc. Direct technologies connect to our proprietary ESharx Order Management system, the industry's premier sell-side OMS via leading FIX protocols hosted internally within the Trade Manage Capital, Inc. network structure.  Trade Manage Capital, Inc. is a leader in FIX connectivity providing sub-second order handling and routing through well-establish industry protocols.  Trade Manage Capital, Inc.'s implementation of FIX is one of the most efficient on the Street.

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. currently offers three flavors of front-end technologies to meet the varying needs of our clients, described below.  These services are only available to existing Trade Manage Capital, Inc. clients.  To learn more about becoming a Trade Manage Capital, Inc. client, please contact us at 800-221-5676 and ask for a sales representative.  

If you are an existing Trade Manage Capital, Inc. client and desire access to our Trade Manage Capital, Inc. Direct technologies, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will explain in greater detail the differences between the systems so you can determine which is best for your specific needs.  It then takes a few hours to setup your logins.  The login details will be emailed to you and a network specialist will then contact you to walk you through the application.

  • TMC Direct

    The TMC Direct - OpenEx technology is a lightweight, highly stable, ultra-fast front-end graphic user interface which provides a user with rock-solid order entry and routing capabilities.  The system has a lightweight level1 and level2 quotations platform yet this is not its core strength.   The system is fantastic for those with other leading quotations products, looking for the fastest order routing, with the lightweight quotations capabilities.  The system offers the ability to send individual trades as well as basket trades.